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Originally Posted by Brian Carlton
Yep, you've confirmed that the ignition switch is the culprit. But, it's probably not the cylinder........although.......if it is the original ought to change it. I finally changed the cylinder on the SD and, the old one literally disintegrated in my hands on removal.

I consider myself blessed by the M/B gods. If it jammed, I'd be in a world of hurt.

I'll double check the wiring diagrams tomorrow........but........I'm almost certain that the switch is the problem.

To remove the cluster, just take off the driver's kick panel and reach up and force the cluster forward out of it's home. I've never had much luck with the homemade cluster pulling tools.
Yep, it's the original cylinder as far as I know. I've been meaning to change it anyway. It's been acting a little squirrelly. I guess I'll go ahead and order a new ignition switch and cylinder sometime next week. I have to go out of town this weekend with the family. Thankfully I can get some heating or cooling if I wiggle the key here and there although I don't expect we'll need it too much in LA.
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