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Another Weird developement.

Well, the tranny is fixed and she is smooth as molasses on a warm day. Today was a warm day, and although the tranny was on target, the blower fan quietly self-adjusted itself to zero. Had switch set to max temp to min. enjoying the cool, dry air when suddenly the blower speed went from max to nothing in about 5 minutes. No setting or switch affected the operation of the blower. Checked all fuses, etc. Pulled the ACC unit, opened it up, all looked good, but again, I do not have a schematic for the pinouts on this unit. Think 9 and 11 on left are for monovalve, but otherwise. .Question...Anyone had this happen? Question, blower fuse is showing 12v, but no blower. is feed after ACC or before. My diagram is not too clear. I'm betting the ACC has gone south Any opinion or advice as always is much appreciated..
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