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1989 260e

i own a '89 260e with approx. 75,000 miles (i say approx. because the odometer broke at 49,000)

i have three problems and would like to fix them myself if possible.

1. i can not find a manual for this vehicle for:
a) troubleshooting
b) parts location and repairs

I have called mb of n. America and they have no manuals available

2. the car idles at around 2,200 most of the time and normal sometimes. lately it will barely run at low speeds and often will stall out. sometimes it sounds like a slight backfire in the carburation and then quits running. Once i get underway at higher speeds (if possible) it runs fine. To me it sounds like it's flooding out at low speeds. even the power steering will stall it out.

3. i believe the vacuum lines or vacuum distributor need repair/replacement because the a/c always runs at defrost and normal. the fan runs fast but the air leaks out of the vents not blows.

If anyone can be of help to me with these problems, I will appreciate it immensely.

Thank you,

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