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Listen to what John has to say, he is absolutley correct. No matter what the advertisment may claim the blue type bulbs wll slightly decrease your light. No, not a lot, at least the ones I have don't shorten the distance I can see by any noticable means. I can tell a slight difference in the visable light, however, I did notice an increase in the clarity of what I can see. Also, YES, they do look cool, and they do resemble the HID lights onthe BMWs and the newer MBs that I can not yet afford. Maybe next year I can get in a 1996 or 1997 c280, but I still don;t think they have HID? In any case...yes the blue type aftermarket bulbs look cool and they do reduce the amount of light they produce for the human eye...I like them. You decide for yourself...however, before I would spend $100 or mor onthe PIAA HID imitator bulbs...spend $25-35 on a generic from someone like to see if you like them at all! No one buys someone elses used bulbs!
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