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Factory MB alarm

I recently puchased a 1985 380se and everything is still going fine with the attempt to revive this neglected beauty. Thanks to all who have posted questions and answers in this forum. The car (121k mi.) runs great and looks good now, however something is just bugging me now. Does my car have an alarm system? I tried the door test as posted, but it didn't work. The door latch won't release the door nor will the button come up if I lock the car with the key. The vacuum system seems to be fine as all four doors and trunk lock and unlock properly when I use the key. I only have one key (square black w/ hole).
So I assumed no alarm or disconnected alarm. Then today I unlocked the car from the passenger side, opened the rear passenger door and then my headlights and taillights began to flash. They continued to flash untill I locked and unlocked the car from the drivers door. Can anyone tell me if :
1. I have an alarm
2. If it is functional
3. Where is the module
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