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Thanks for the replies.

I can understand why disconnecting an airbag should be a "crime", but I think they should draw the line on ABS brakes.

Look at all of the cars that did not have ABS brakes years ago. Even in 1985, it was optional on most Mercedes cars, so whats the difference? I am sure that there are even some brand new cars today where ABS is still optional- or at least there were some up until a couple of years ago. Besides, if the system is not working properly, whats the difference? I am a very safety conciseness person and normally I would not even suggest to myself about disconnecting the system, but that much $$$ for a wheel sensor is ludicrous.

But I do know what you are talking about.

Originally Posted by stevebfl
Its funny how stingy people are so willing to manipulate the law. It is a federal crime to disable a safety system on an automobile.
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