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Fuel Pump Pressure

I have an 82' 300TD turbo and am getting ready to do an svo conversion on it. When I first got the car, a mechanic advised me to install an electic fuel pump and though i was with him when he did it, I did not know enough at the time to pay attention to the psi for the pump. I am going to test the pressure that it is putting out but I have a question about how much pressure I should be getting out of the pump.

I have read on this forum that the MB lift pump should be putting out 15 psi but then I have also read that when buying a facet pump, one should look for a pump that puts out 2-5 psi.

Why is there a discrepency between these two pressures?

If the pump that I have is putting out too high or two low a pressure, can this damage the IP?

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