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I'm about to change the fluid (to Redline synthetic) and filter to see if that helps.

Anybody know how I can determine if I have a 722.3, 722.4 or 722.5 transmission? (According to AllData, there are a few other things to check depending on the model transmission.

As for purchasing a MB rebuilt transmission, I'm not sure that is an option for me. The local MB dealer's service department has done nothing but cause me grief. Incompetence and fraud are the words that come to mind. The next closest dealer is in San Francisco, but I'm really not interested in giving MB any more money as I have yet to see the value a MB dealership is supposed to provide.

In a perfect world, I'd like to find a highly respected, competent independent shop that is fully qualified to rebuild my transmission. Does anybody know of one on the SF peninsula? If there isn't one, sounds like a trip down south to transmeister may be in order.


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