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Originally Posted by JimmyL
Hey Randy,
Is a leak detector like you used a high dollar item, and what type do you recommend?
I'm in the same boat....
Hi Jimmy!
The term high-dollar is relative ...this detector cost me $175 and it is called a 'heated diode leak detector'. It is compatible with both CFC and HCFC refrigerants. I cannot remember brand name but, I'll look it up. FWIW, TIF™ and Robinair both make good tools; you wouldn't go wrong with one of theirs either. Mine doesn't have a 'balance' control like this Robinair and I can see how that could be very useful in a contaminated area.

IMHO, my sniffer paid for itsself last night when it found the leak at the compressor.

In the dark ages, I used the old halide detectors that ran off a propane flame. Personally, they always scared the crap outta me, firing up one of those dinosaurs in a customer's kitchen. An electronic detector is a vast improvement.
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