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Originally Posted by dannym
I've pinched o-rings on those TX valves too. They tend to drop in before you can thread the pipe in.
Nylog helps a lot.
Absolutely! The connections are a PITA to get made-up. On the replacement evap, the TXV was already installed so only the lower connex needed to be made..after 45 minutes of unsuccessful struggle, I took a break for supper, came back and screwed it together on the first try. Go figure...

Originally Posted by dannym
I always wondered about those Halide torches when using them. Burning FreonŽ creates poisonous gas.

No kidding. When I used to work on domestic refirgeration, I generally took compressor change-outs to the shop. I once cut-out a compressor that still had some pressure left on the high side. When the gas hit that torch flame it smelled like swimming pool chlorine and the next morning, there was a light haze of rust on all the exposed steel surfaces in the shop.
Never a dull moment at Berry Hill Farm.
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