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Post Misc. 87' 300SDL Repair Questions

Hi there. My family has a 1987 300SDL. [I just turned 16, I've been a mercedes nut for awhile though [So I tend to do most of the nit-picking]] Palamino exterior with tan interior. 168,893 on the odo [last check]. Love it, it's fantastic! I've noticed a few little problems that are bugging me, and I've been ignoring for awhile- I was hoping you guys could help me. [I'm probably being nit-picky on some of these, but I think you all know how that goes..

1. Steering seems to have excessive play. [E.g. When the car is sitting still [running, or off] i can turn the wheel back and forth for a few degrees before i feel it actually begin to turn the wheels. It's really noticeable at 60+mph, especially with a light wind. It makes staying within the lines fairly difficult. [Picture someone who's had too much to drink driving down the road]

2. I can hear a very high pitched squeal / squeak right as i start to apply the brakes, I think it's only coming from the right front wheel, but hard to tell. I'm pretty sure I can also hear it sometimes when I'm not using the brake.

3. How can I stop so much brake pad dust from accumulating on the front wheels? I've heard this happens on most mercedes because of the softer brake pads? Performance Products has a plastic disk that fits inbetween the wheel and the rotor that supposedly prevents so much dust from escaping and making it's home on the wheel.

4. How hard is it to replace a trunk seal?

5. I've never had my tires rotated, and it's definitely time. I was thinking I could do it myself. What is the pattern? Front to back? Diagonal?

6. The front overhead light flickers alot as if the switch contacts are dirty or otherwise. Should I take it apart and try to clean them myself? How do I get it out?

7. Has anyone put HID bulbs in their cars? How do they look? How much better do they work?

8. The a/c controls have started acting up lately. I'll press the O, and it will go off, and usually seconds later I hear it turn back on. Changing from maximum, auto, or minimum fan doesn't change that. Sometimes after holding the O switch down for a few seconds it will stay off, but it really seems to have a mind of it's own.

9. After washing the car, I'll open a door and some of the water from the seal, or chrome trim plate will drip onto the leather. It leaves spots, like the leather is very dirty. Is it hurting the leather? Should I clean it? [I know, I probably should anyways]

10. The rear of the car seems to be sagging a little. The wheels seem a little high in the wells when it's completely unloaded [except for fuel, of course]. Where do I measure to / from, and what is the height supposed to be?

Well. That's all I can think of right now. Thanks very much!

James Dalziel
Northern California

79' 240D
79' 300SD
87' 300SDL
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