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Happened a couple of times to me on my ASR equipped 500E. I floored the car all throughout 1st to third gears but had to let up on the gas immediately due to the fact that I was running out of road. The ASR light came on (the fault light not the other one which tells you ASR is engaged) and the first 75% or so of pedal travel doesn't move the car at all (I was coasting). If you step on the gas some more, you'd get acceleration but you know the engine computer is only giving you a fraction of the power that is normally available.

I pulled over, shut the engine off and restarted. I was back in party mode....

The fact the limp mode is ever engaged gives you butterflies in your stomach and helps prevent you from pulling off the same antics until you bring the car in to a dealer for a check up. Sometimes, they just tell you to quit driving like an ass.

I understand the engine goes on limp mode if the electronics detect something's out of whack, i.e. preset limits are breached, a major fault is detected, etc.

Not fun...but saves you from destroying your motor I guess...
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