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Most of you are probably not old enough, or baseball fan enough to remember the Billy Martin commercials where he says: "I feel very strongly both ways".

That's the only way I know to respond to this. My ex brother in law who is my dealer MB Tech and drives a 124 diesel says that the 124 is better than a 123 in every way. It's difficult to launch an argument against that statement. But, after driving 123's over a half million miles, there is something intangible about them that grab your trust and respect.

The 123 has simplicity and sophistication in the same package. While the 124 is clearly the better car from the behind the steering wheel perspective.

If you held a gun to my head, I think I would still not be able to choose one over the other. They are both nothing short of fabulously engineered and built automobiles.

Have a great day,
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