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Dorsey Lay
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Question 105,000 Miles

Anyone know what service is supposed to be done on a 190E 2.3 at 105,000 miles? I have 98,000+ on my car but I have never had a tune up. Last month I did eplace the serpentine belt and the entire tensioner system. Other than that I have all Iv'e had to do is change the oil and filter every 3000 miles. I am not having any problems but I was told that there is a special service need at this milage. I don't have a required service manuel. The reason for my question is this: For this service should I have a dealer do it as most of my service is done by a trusted mechanic whom I have used for fifteen years. Just wondering if MB would do something a regular guy wouldn't know about. If you knw what needs doing I would appreciate a post so I can go for service with a hard copy. Also would like to know where to get the seat foam and horse hair to redo the drivers seat. Any help appreciated. Thank you!:
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