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190e stalled again !! Help, stranded!!!

Just took my 1986 190e for a cruise after being down for about a week. It had stalled on me and would start up and run for maybe 15 seconds or so. After reading posts I installed a new fuel pump relay. (The first time it stalled out it sat for about an hour and when i went back to tow it home and it started and ran just fine. made it home ok) I drove it today with new relay installed about 10 miles. I could feel it surging before it finally quit. Felt like maybe running out of gas. Coasted in to parking lot where it still is. I put the old relay back in just to see what was going on. Same thing, runs about 5-10 seconds and dies. Please Help. I am open for suggestions. I hope after it sits for an hour or so it will make it back home. I did notice the tach going
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