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It was an ebay transaction that required the fix when I went to pick up the car. I backed the car out of the owners garage and of course noticed no action on first 1/3 or so of pedal movement.Plus little apparent power. Model was 1982 vintage. Lifted hood and repaired with a couple of short lengths of fuel hose and a couple of twist ties. Got back into car and floored the petal. Previous owner was actually speechless and after he recovered said the engine had never reved like that as long as he owned it. Think car never was much past a fast idle in years. About five years or longer in fact. He must have thought all 240ds were that slow I suppose but perhaps it was going through his mind that he had suffered the low power for so long and perhaps thought it was normal . Yet so simple and quick to rectify. Car averaged about 25 miles per american gallon on the 1100 mile trip home. It was in the depth of winter and driving conditions were poor for about 700 miles of it. I really believe if car had not had the problem or he was aware of it even being a problem he would not have sold it. He drove the ultimate turtle car.
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