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sorry, I forgot to mention...

that I/we also:
(1) had replaced the air filter and checked to see that nothing was obstructing the air intake,
(2) removed and cleaned the screen filter at the tank and blew air into the hose at the prefilter back into the tank, then flushed an additional 5 gal through the tank out through the bottom.

I'm working [ and learning ] with an experienced independent M-B mechanic who owns his own M-B only shop and although he does not "go all the way" and do the more intricate things I suppose some might tackle, "Karl" strikes me as more than competent.

No I'm not ready to sell it yet... I'm just trying to make it safe and run well enough to turn over to my Banker Son !

The car was sitting outside for many months and possibly for more than a year and then the owner did the minimum to get it running for the sale!
I was shown bill for replacement engine ~90K ago... but know nothing more !! I paid my mechanic $100 worth of looking it over before the sale so I think I have him on my side as we struggle a bit with this power problem.

Although the mechanic checked and adjusted the throttle linkages, I'll bring that up again and also check into it myself... especially the pivot point.
Will look for dented fule line as suggested.

A couple of final symptoms:
(1) I smokes black just a little at idle,
(2) It smokes black at full throttle but only if you press down that final little bit... and stops smoking as soon as you back off just a little.

I'm surprised no one voted for a check of the govenor !

Mechanic off on Hawaii vacation until April 17.

When he returns I think I have him convinced to get the electronics that attaches to the injector fuel lines and then to a timing light to enable faster IP timing checks. "Ferret" brand timing lights have such a system.

Q - Does anyone any experience with timing light systems on M-B diesels?

Sam // Novato, cA
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