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Thank you for your response, but I consider myself to be quite understanding. I am human, just like the techs who service my vehicle. Don't worry, I don't want punitive damages. Perhaps I am just a little frustrated after putting $4000 dollars in parts and labor these past six months ($1800 in front suspension) and having a front suspension failure. I just want to know why things may have happened so I can avoid disaster in the future. I am not on a witch hunt, just a safety imovement opportunity.

The reason why I question the last person who did my alignment and other work is because the rattle when I shut the engine off began immediately after I left the last shop. Hindsight tells me I shouldn't have been too shy and brought the car back to be looked over.

Don't you think it is an incredible coincidence that a part that was put on 10k miles ago would suddenly fall off just after another job on the front suspension? This is why I want to know if the sway bar is loosened in the alignment, replacing of lower control arm bushings, or strut rods?

I assume from your answer that it is not.
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