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Originally Posted by Samuel M. Ross
Q1 - Brian - What did you mean by "M/B RIV" timing lights?
Q2 - Are there posts in the archives that I can go back and read that would help my education on this subject?
Q3 - Does anyone else have useful input for my education on this subject?
The RIV timing light is a M/B tool that allows you to install a probe in the side of the IP. The probe senses the notch in the rotating shaft in the IP. When you are nowhere near the notch, no lights are lit. When you approach the notch, the "A" light illuminated. When you are dead on the notch, both "A" and "B" illuminate. When you pass the notch, ever so slightly, the "A" light goes out. The spec for the engine when you use this tool is 15ATDC. Not all engines have the capability to use this tool. The older 616 and 617 engines did not have the port in the side of the IP. The '80 vehicle would probably not be able to use the RIV tool.

You can certainly search "timing" and "injection pump" and read for hours. Also check out the DIY section where the most relevant posts are indicated by section.

If your mechanic gets the pulse timing tool, the spec would not be 15ATDC but would be 13.5BTDC which is the correlation that we established on the SD.
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