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300e transmission clicking

Hi all.
Recently my car was shunted on the rear corner by some &%*# whilst it was sitting in a car park. When I returned, I noticed the parking ticked that I had placed on the front of the dash now on the floor and the car "appeared" to have been pushed forward about a half foot. The taillight was smashed, the bumper had a hairline fracture, there was no chassis damage.... a relatively minor accident.
Would this kind of impact be likely to cause any kind of damage to the transmission? I ask this because when I put it in 'Park' and it rolls to the end of it's slack, it loudly pops/clicks. And I don't believe it was doing this prior to the accident, although there is a small chance I might just be paranoid. Thanks.

NB. Transmission was rebuilt a month prior, due to a faulty torrington bearing.
NB2. The *%&# never left his number.
NB3. As recompense for this unspeakable incedent, a $3,500 respray on insurance was in order!
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