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2 Problems Over heating and Rough idle when AC is on, HELP!

300E 1993 3.2 W124
Problem 1 Over heating:
Back ground, does not over heat consistently. In hot weather (not always) and when idle (not always and AC does not have to be on) If on highway (getting airflow) no problem. Getting off the highway and at a stop light temp. starts to rise.
What has been done so far: Replaced Aux fans (dealer said they were binding up) Found out, too late that they work just fine. Found build up of road and foliage debris between fans and radiator, vacuumed it out. Replaced the thermostat. Had independant check main fan and he says it kicks on. This problem needs to be fixed but the dealer wants to throw parts at it and my independent can't figure it out. Please help!!
Problem 2 Rough Idle when AC is on:
This too does not happen all the time. If the AC is on when I start the car feel like I the car is running out of gas and dies, unless I turn the AC off and hit the gas (which does not respond right away). Also, if AC is on and car is running fine, then AC gets turned off and car is parked. When I go to turn the car on again (with AC off) same problem sometimes occurs.

What do I do? Are the 2 problems related? Help???

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