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Filtering the easy way....

I am a big proponent on-board filtration. I pour the oil into my tank through a paint strainer bag, under the hood I have an aux. electric fuel pump 15psi to help the MB mechanical unit and run first through a Dutten Lainson Goldenrod with a 100 mesh strainer insert, then through a sediment filter with a 5 m-15 micron filter. I have a flat plate heat exchanger to pre-heat the oil before filtration (coolant heated) and's injector line heater. Works great for a 1 tank system in Hawaii and you spend about as much time getting and "filtering" the oil as you would going to the diesel pump.

I forgot to mention- If ever you need to clean the filter and don't mind waiting for it to dry, you can pick up some lye you local hardware store (Red Devil brand or other) in the drain opener section. Mix 1/2 cup in 1/2 gallon of water, put on some gloves and watch the oil dissolve. Very caustic stuff, though, so be careful.

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