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Selling '87 300e

I'm considering selling my '87 300E.It was in an accident (no fault of my own--the mechanic who changed my tires neglected to tighten the lug nuts on my left front tire and it flew off the car,causing the left front quarter panel to bulge--the shop repaired the damage at no cost to me but the repair was shoddy).I am the 2nd owner, and have had the car for a year and three quarters. I have a gap in the service records (I am currently having my lawyer write a letter to the original owners as the service records can only be released to the owner who had the car at the time of the service--the original owners have supposedely contacted the dealer regarding sending me those records but its going on 4 weeks now since I contacted them about it). The gap in the service records is not that big. The car has 87,000 miles and has been well maintained. Replaced the condenser,battery,alternator,installed eorolights with eurowipers/motors and plate for the new wipers,replaced the Becker unit with Blaupunkt Munchen CD/radio,installed 16" 8 hole rims and 16" Michelin Pilot Sport tires. If I remove the eurolights and Blaupunkt will this significantly lower the value of this car?The reason I ask is because I am considering getting a '92 400E.It has high mileage (160,000). But I finds driving the 300E, even though it is a smooth car when it gets up to speed, there is just not enough power for me. How long does an engine for the 400E (or the 124's in general ) last? Do you think I can still get a lot of use out of this 400E with such high mileage, if the car and engine were well maintained?Its selling for $9900.
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