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Your assumption is correct except that I did one axle at a time as I only have 1 hydraulic jack, the factory mechanical jack in the trunk, and a jackstand. I followed the procedure in the Haynes manual. You really don't need to move the brake calipers aside. I jacked up the diff to the point that the body was lifting. Then, I lowered the mechanical jack so that the body was almost touching the diff and adjusted the jackstand accordingly. I did not use any special tools except for the retaining ring pliers/pullers. A seal pick or a simple hook fashioned from a coat hanger will work just as well. Having a buddy around makes the job go easier. Although it seems intimidating, this really is a DIY job. I think I spent more time trying to loosen the fill and drain plugs than working the axles. Good luck with your axle replacement, I hope you have better results than me.

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