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Re: Misc. 87' 300SDL Repair Questions

Q #1. Steering seems to have excessive play. ....... It makes staying within the lanes fairly difficult.

Ans: Some steering play is acceptable. I believe the spec is 3/4 ". But difficult staying in lanes is not normal, many reasons: such as, toe-out, tie-rod ends, steering shock, ball joints, gear box, tires, idler arm, steering mounts, etc.

Q #5. I've never had my tires rotated, and it's definitely time. I was thinking I could do it myself. What is the pattern? Front to back? Diagonal?

Ans: For 4 tire rotation, if you do it every 5000 miles, cross-rotate to the drive axle. In your case (rear drive model), right front to left rear, left front to right rear, left rear to left front, and right rear to right front. But if the tires have been on the same left or right side for long time, do not cross-rotate. Just switch the front and rear on the same side.

Q #10. The rear of the car seems to be sagging a little. The wheels seem a little high in the wells when it's completely unloaded [except for fuel, of course]. Where do I measure to / from, and what is the height supposed to be?

Ans: I do not have the spec with me. I cannot tell you how to measure the height at this time. The cheap way to fix it is to use the spring spacers. I once used a rubber ring insert on a non-MB car. It worked well. But if it is too big or too high for you, use the tiny metal insert instead. You do not need a big insert to correct the sagging, just need the right size. The expensive way to do it is to replace the springs and/or put in correct size of spring pad (if any).

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