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HaYN Benz
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Greetings Luigi,

The good news is that your AC is still cold enough to produce condensation! The cold air should be coming out of the dashboard vents under normal operation. Currently, your cold air is coming out of the defrost vents. Anyway, check the following:

1) Be sure the correct directional button has been depressed. I believe on your year/model it is the button with the solid arrow on top and the outline arrow on the bottom. Check your manual to be sure. Maybe you have the defrost button pushed in?

2) If the correct button is pushed and there is cold air coming out of the vents closer to the driver, then the flapper that directs the flow of cold air is probably stuck partially open. This flapper I think is operated by way of a vacuum diaphram in the dash. Sometimes over the years, this rubber diaphram will crack with age and the resulting loss of vacuum pressure results in an inoperable directional flapper creating the problem you are experiencing.

Of course, I could be totally off base.

Good news! Do a search under "diaphram". The first post by '1994c220' dated 8.2.2001 describes an issue similar to yours. I did not peruse the threads enough to know if they provide any solutions, but I saw the words "vacuum", "diaphram", and "kinked hose" so (being that board is "G" rated) there might be gold in them posts.

Good luck!
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