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Talking CHEAP OBDII Software for Laptop!

Ran across this software for a laptop for only $120! And if you can get 3 or more people to buy it with you, a groupbuy, you get 40% off.

The following is what somebody wrote about their experience with their product after purchase:

" Yes, I received it nearly a week ago, and have since made extensive use of it in trying to track down a problem with my Mystique. (Apparently, there's a problem with the EGR valve; I intend to pull that apart this weekend.) So far, I am quite impressed with the product, though I must admit that I have no experience with any other OBD-II scan product, so I don't really have much basis on which to compare it.
I get the impression that Alex Peper is running a one-man business in making and selling his product, and that perhaps this isn't even his primary means of livelyhood. This, I suspect, is the reaon for a certain lack of “professional polish” in this product compared to what you might expect in more expensive competing products. My 3-Combo arrived wrapped in newspaper and then boxed in a plain box, with no software or documentation; you download the software from his web site, and this includes what seems to be adequate built-in help.

Having received it, I have had no trouble at all figuring out how to use it, and have been delighted with the amount and variety of information it is able to retrieve from my car and make available to me.

Alex has so far been very helpful in helping me make sense of some of the data I've collected from my car, and explaining to me how some of the systems in my car that are related to the data I've collected, work.

I don't know how good AutoTap is, but in choosing between the two, I think this would be a fair statement for me to make: Alex Peper's system will do just about anything that a do-it-yourselfer would need or want an OBD-II scan tool to do, and then some. I think even a professional mechanic would very likely find Alex Peper's product to be more than adequate for his needs. (I'd bet, in fact, that most mechanics probably don't have OBD-II scan tools that are as powerful as this.) I'm sure that AutoTap is probably much more “polished”, and it might even have a few features and capabilities that Alex Peper's product does not, but I have a hard time seeing how a DIY, or even a professional, could rationalize paying the higher price for it. I managed to get in on a group buy deal, so I got my 3-Combo at 40% off, for $97.20. The comparable Autotap product is nearly five hundred dollars."

Check out for purchasing info. I am going to buy it next month, no doubt. Anyone want to go in on a group buy?

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