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Thanks again!

This is definately one of my top 10 most visited sites, probably number one lately. [Hopefully going to get a 190e 2.3-16v in the next few months for a first car] -- Anyone noticed that most teenagers want mustangs? [At least around here] A lot of people just don't seem to realize that you can get a REALLY nice used mercedes for the same price, or in many cases much less than a mustang, or whatever.

My parents /should/ be proud. However, neither my mother nor father care too much about cars. They're very much of the mindset "It gets you from point a to b" which is completely true. I agree somewhat, but why not do it better, safer, and cheaper [in the long run]. That said, I'm really looking forward to taking the 16v to the cruise / other gatherings.

This next part is a ramble [not that the above wasn't].

In some ways I think I'm really into MB's because my grandfather was. He died when I was four months old, but my father told me of the three or four times they flew to europe and picked up a brand new MB. [Our '79 300sd is the last one my grandfather picked up from the factory] How people would crowd around the 6.3 they picked up at gas stations while the hood was put up. Ah, memories. :p

--[End Ramble]--

Anyways, thanks a bunch-
Sorry about the ramble-

James Dalziel
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