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Angry Steve Brotherton/engine rebuilders help!--big mistake replacing 85 300D Timing belt

I HAVE DROPPED BOTH ENDS OF THE CHAIN INTO THE ENGINE and WORSE I HAVE SHEARED OFF THE FIRST 1 or 1.2 cm OF THE LOWER SLIDE RAIL BEARING BOLT!! If you check my website, through luck and lots of work I've been fairly successful at rebuilding engines, but this time I let my daughter help. After cutting the link on the old chain, I walked away to find that she had dropped both ends of the chain into the Front Engine housing. I tried using piano wire to retrieve them, no luck.

(1)!Worse, I sheared the lower bearing bolt on the Plastic Slide Rail while trying to "screw" it out using a metric bolt with the intention of adding more and more washers under the bolt head instead of using a slide hammer. I sheared off the first centimeter of the lower bearing bolt, and the remainder is still there in the cylinder head cover. I'm not sure if I should drill it out, or just leave it alone, and use the remaining portion. I want to fix this the right way and not have to worry about this bearing bolt breaking some day. HOW CAN I RETRIEVE IT/ REPLACE IT?

(2) Now the chain is in the bottom of the engine. I have not turned the Crank or camshaft yet. My intention is to remove the Vacuum Pump to reach it. How do I get the chain out--whats the best approach?

(3) Any ideas. WHAT DO I DO ABOUT THE SHEARED BEARING BOLT FOR THE SLIDE RAIL? Its still in there rock solid, but i would prefer to get it out and do a good job. HOW DO I RETHREAD a NEW CHAIN now that the OLD ONE is SITTING DEEP IN THE ENGINE?

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