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Unhappy Too much gas???


This may sound dumb, but lately, I've been filling up my car at the pump, paying via credit card. As many of you know, the pump will stop only when your tank is "full". However, lately, I've been having a problem of overfilling, I suspect. For example, today I went to fill up my car (190E 2.3 '85) and when the pump stopped, I removed the nozzle. After driving off, I could smell gas. I pulled over and checked underneath my car, and saw gas leaking out of this small hose. Tracing that hose, it lead me to the "overfill hole" near the gas tank nozzle. This "hole" is used when gas overflows from the fuel tank. I just changed my gas cap about 4 months ago.

My question is, I know this isn't normal. What's going on here? Does the little plastic piece where you stick the nozzle thru the culprit?

Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

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