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poof went the alternator

no amount of reverse entorpy can delay the immutable laws of physics: the alternator on the ol '88 300e failed, though warnings of its imminent departure were manifest in all but the "battery recharge" warning light, which failed to light to indicate the imminence of disaster. which seems stange: should not the battery warning light be litten if the alternator was not charging? i got from a dealer....did they dim the battery light to mask an alternator problem? isnt that what that light is for? call the inquisition!

Of course, I broke down at a light on a busy intersection in broad daylight, with people casting knowing looks "mmm, thats why i dont own a mercedes" (you dont have the balls to drive a mercedes, chevette-boy) and pushed this 2 ton nightmare single-handedly to an adjacent Canadian Tire (a walmart for cars);m, they rebuilt reinstalled alternator, recharged the battery for $350 canadian; i mean i was not upset by the total, so perhaops the idea of mercedes being outragously expensive to maintain is but an illusion
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