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Question Electrical Weirdness

97 C280 Sport

Here is the problem. I have a couple really annoying issues that I am not sure if they are related, but interesting nonetheless.

Issue one: Speedo, Tach, Fuel, and Temp Guage do not work at all times. They will work about one in five to ten times. Sometimes, multiple times in one day, but it is either all or nothing. All other lights work.

Issue two: Turn signals, Slow wiper setting. New problem, however intermittent. The signals will work, then they stop all together. Then they work again. Not every day does this happen. When it does, the lowest wiper setting will not work, but 2nd and 3rd position will.

Is this an electrical issue? Like a short or something. I checked the fuses, all that are related to these areas are just fine. Are there fusible links elsewhere?

I have read items stating that the wiring on the w202 is not the best. I just need to have an idea where to start. I ordered a turn signal relay, but have not installed it yet. I just hope that I can get a few educated opinions first.
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