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82 300cd off idle stalling

When we start the 300cd (turbo) in the morning (temperate climate) it starts quickly and easily. However, put it in reverse (or forward) and then give it a bit of throttle and it stalls. Seems that, if we warm it up for a couple of minutes and rev it up it then goes OK. Car does not smoke excessively, has decent power; we just put new glow plugs in it. It has 167k; we do not believe the injection pump or any of the other major engine systems have ever been rebuilt.

Also, the blower is working only intermittently; works for a bit and then the fuse (number 8) blows. Mechanic speculates that the blower itself is old and drawing too much current which blows the fuse but says he cannot be certain without just changing out parts.

Is this the only way to diagnose which part, or parts, require replacement? Could the AC compressor have something to do with this (assumed not since the AC works fine WHEN the blower works)?

All input is appreciated.


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