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Question Vacuum Modulator and Oil Consumption


The car (1984 380SE) sometimes emits dense white smoke from ehaust when starting, sometimes for a few seconds and disappears, and sometimes it would continue but decrease in intensity. Friends have also reported short-burst of black-ish smoke under strong acceleration. The car uses around 1L/1000km of oil.

Do I *definetly*have a valve guide seal problem?

I also read in one other post by stevebfl that vacuumm modulator (diaphram) could also be faulty, sucking oil through v/g seals or diaphram during high manifold vacuum.

The engine also have flares when shifting 2nd to 3rd, either hangs a bit then shifts, or flares if accelerate a bit harder.
Looking at this, do I have a bad vacuum modulator as well?

There is also about 2-3 seconds delay when putting into reverse, does this have anything to do with vacuum modulator, or is it a sign of a transmission rebuild getting close? How long would I have before it won't get into reverse?

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