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Too bad at a 100mph cruising speed the Fleetwood would completely loose control because of an emergency lane change. Keep in mind that Mercedes and Caddilac's engineering goals were totally different. The GM engineers were designing a car for a country with a 55mph speed limit thats comfortable at low speed and some low speed highway cruising. The Mercedes Engineers were designing a car for a country with no speed limit and an electronic limitation of 155mph which many European owners disable. Contrary to popular belief I don't think the Germans had the concept of "luxury car" in mind when they designed the 126. The S class concept is a large car thats capable of high speeds for extended periods on an open superhighway. The big luxoboat is a distinctly American concept and only works in the American market and on our roads. I read and article that stated 98% of the world's government and diplomatic motorpools exclusively use S class cars. I wonder why they don't use Fleetwoods like we do here in America?
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