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Well, I finally have the speedo problem fixed. I had to remove it a second time to send it back to the VDO folks because the odometer stopped turning. Every in that area is squared away now! My 420SEL should be named "Christine". (Remember the car named Christine?) It's one thing after another. I was driving in busy traffic today, and all of the sudden the alarm just started honking! Man-O-Man, did I get some looks! I was so embarrassed! Somebody yell, "You should have brought an american car!" I had to pull over and insert the key in the door lock to stop it. Can anybody with a 420SEL give me some feedback on this one? What's up with this wacky alarm? Also, how do I idle the RPM's from 11000 to 6000 RPM's? My 420 is burning allot of gas. I know this is a big sedan, but I think the high idle has something to do with this also. Is it something I can do without having to take it to a mechanic? Once under the hood, where do I look? What majic screw do I turn???
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