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I too have recently purchased a Fluke 87 on ebay for $130. It joins my 88, 865, and my 98.

Its hard to make a case against those $30 dollar meters though. I bought the 87 to be used where I used to use a cheap micronta (radio shack). I think we drove over it or hung it in a fan one to many times, as the most important digit in its displayed wigged out. I had it hard wired as a ammeter breakout for EHA and Idle speed current testing. The old meter can be seen in figure#5 in my DIY article on "Evaluating Engine Copntrols" along with a Bosch KDJE-P600 the tool of the era for testing lambda intergrator, fault codes and frquency valve duty-cycles. A Fluke 87 will do the functions of both tools.
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