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Monroe shocks on a 190E

Has anybody else had bad experiences with Monroe Sensatrac shocks on a 2 litre 190E?

I replaced the old OE shocks and have had no end of problems with the front wheels fouling the wheelarches. This was not helped by the 'professionals' forgetting to fit the rubber bump-stops to the shocks, but the suspension still seems far too soft. After all should the shock be hitting the rubber bump-stop in day-to-day driving (obviously it depends on the driving, but I mean normal driving)?

Does anybody know where I can find further Monroe details on line? I'd like to make sure they've actually fitted the right type for my car.

My next step is to replace the springs (the car has 100K miles on the clock). Does this seem like a sensible next step, or should I just give up with my new (expensive) Sensatracs? Failing that, any other suggestions?


Mark T
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