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Stuck Throttle / Cruise Control

Just finished installing new plugs and setting the timing on my 500SL euro and decided to take it for a spin. Imagine my suprise when the pedal stuck all the way at the floor after I jumped on it. Had left foot on brake, smacking the pedal with my right foot and reaching for the ing switch when it popped back. Got the car home with no problem as long as I didn't step on it very far. Shut the car off stepped on the pedal and it came back with no problem. Even pushed easier than when it was running. Thought about it all night, having nightmares about something in the tranny causing it and about 4:00 this morning the light bulb went on.....CRUISE CONTROL..... Went out and unhooked the linkage, (not at 4:00 am) took it for a ride and not only does it not stick any more but the pedal is a lot easier to press.

Just thought I might share this, might save you from explaining to the wifey why you are changing your underware in the middle of the afternoon after working on HER car!!!
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