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I've Said It Before...

The ultimate oil system would be two 50 gallon drums of oil mounted in the rear of the vehicle.

One is full of clean oil, the other is to catch the oil from the first drum as it passes through the engine. When drum two if full, you pump it out while refilling drum one. The oil pumped out is filtered, cleaned, and recycled to be used again. In this system, you would use oil gauges to determine how much oil has been used, and how much is left.

Hmmmm, I wonder how long it would take to pass 50 gallons of oil through your engine? In other words, how many times does the 2 gallons (approx) of oil in our cars get pumped through the engine and the filter before we change the oil & filter?

And a note on the "Mercedes Method" of using the dipstick as the oil suction tube. Many boat engines are equipped with a dipstick tube that has a garden hose (male end) fitting on it for doing oil changes just like that. These engines include the popular Ford 5.0 Litre, and Chevy 350CI V-8's...
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