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Originally Posted by t walgamuth

the 350sdl is pretty cushy but still firm when needed in a corner or if needed an evasive move.
I'm driving the SD today on a concrete expressway.......not the smoothest pavement's only about 10 years old and there are no cracks or holes in the pavement.

The interior of the SD is moving at least 1/2" the tires follow the pavement. The vehicle is following every slight ripple in the pavement and transmitting those ripples to the body. I'm betting that the springs are doing very little.

It's annoying as hell and I don't see how one could characterize the ride as "cushy". Now, I'll grant you that the SD rides slightly stiffer than the SDL because of the shorter wheelbase, but, it's not dramatically stiffer. The SDL performs in a similar manner........but not quite as annoying.
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