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Bilstein HD shocks are great!

My '92 300D, at 112 k miles, had a very "bouyant" ride, putting it nicely. Poorly dampened, but still in all very smooth riding. Too smooth, actually, so I popped for a set of Bilstein HDs. Boy, talking about getting things under control! I just drove 250 miles on the new shocks/struts, and they are 1,000% more controlled than the OE setup. Perhaps a tad bit busier, but so what? The busy-ness is not intrusive, but the control is staggering!

Now I can hustle the Diesel-dog along....previously anything over 60mph was so floatly I was worried I'd lose control!

So, if you want to button down your W124, this is the trick!

500E front bar & Sportline rear bar next...then springs.
"If everything seems under control, you're simply not going fast enough" --Mario Andretti

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