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Post A/C Clutch Coil R&R

Men, I have searched the threads and no one has covered this topic.

My 89 190E 2.6L gas/auto needs a new a/c compressor magnetic coil for the clutch.

It looks like a tough job just to get to it. I can see 4 bolts holding the compressor on from underneath. Please chime in and answer any or all of these questions.

1) Can the clutch be changed without pullling the Compressor off the car?

2) Can the compressor be pulled off the car without pulling the radiator/condenser?

3) Are special tools required to disassemble the clutch to gain access to the coil? If so, where to get this tool?

I am looking for any and all hints/tips here. I am lazy and I dont want to spend all day at it. My coil ohms at 0.07 ohms and it fries my Klima Relay. The compressor and everything else is Ok. I just freshly charged it with freon, so I don't want to re-open the system.

Any thoughts/experiences.
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