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Alright. I pulled both benzs along side each other and prepared for the swap. I loosened the 3/4 tensioner bolt beside the powersteering pulley. Loosened the 13mm belt adjustment fastener. Removed the serp. belt. Removed the 3 pin wire connector (2 pins for clutch, 1 pin for speed sensor) Removed bolt that holds the high and low side manifold to the compressor using a 6mm allen socket, 3 inch 3/8 drive extension. Removed the 4 compressor housing bolts using 13mm socket. Compressor came out the bottom. I got 1 compressor out, and on the other car, it is out except for 1 bolt that I need a shorty 13mm socket for (i will buy one in the morning) I think that I might just swap the whole compressor unit out instead of trying to r&r the clutch & coil. I would say that I am inches away from a job well done. Thanks.


I did a search and I found this page for maintenance on the a/c comp. Its for a Toyota Supra, but same thing. Heres the link.

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