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To answer the first question,
I checked all hoses and areas where anti-freeze could be and did not find any residue.
Second question, yes, engine temps are running extremely hot. Before any repairs were done the temps got so hot that when I shut off the car to go into a store then tried to restart it, it did not want to start, but when it did, I had a rough idle and bad response to acceleration. When the fans were changed out and the radiator was cleaned out temps never returned to that extreme. Then the thermostat was replaced and the problem became more sporadic.
I searched the "Good Mechanic" section of the forum and found a couple of independents in my area (Minnesota). I will continue to check all suggestions to my ability then bring the recommendation to the independent I select.
So your continued help is greatly appreciated.
I am due for a Fuel filter replacement and when I bring it to the independent of choice, I will have them do that. My understanding is that there are two fuel filters????
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