Thread: A/C Icing Up??
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A/C Icing Up??

I have a 1982 model 123 and recently spent a small fortune getting the R12 system in working order (well, sort of working order). The system works okay for about 15 minutes then the air flow diminishes to next to nothing over the next 15 minutes. If I turn off the air for 15-30 minutes the system works fine, but the cycle repeats itself. This reminds me of when the central air at my home has iced up before. Unfortunately, unlike at my home this problem happens every time. I look forward to your replies--I need to get a bit of my money's worth before wintertime!


'99 C230
'82 230E

PS: One of the refrigerant hoses under the dash sweats so badly that it keeps soaking the carpet. Thanks again.
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