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New addition to the family

OK, after months of searching for a run-about car, I finally settled on a '86 W124 and I drove to Virginia to pick it up today. The car has rather high mileage (260K) but from all I learned from this forum, if taken care of, the W124 can be a very reliable car. I bought it from the second owner, who bought the car from a friend of his. The body is in very good shape, so as the interior. The guy has all the records and the timing chain was changed around 200K. Now comes my questions --- there is a pronounced vibration ( feels like it needs a tune up, but it was done a week ago) when the car is idling, but the vibration goes away and it rides extremely smooth as soon as it moves. Can someone tells me what may be the cause? I suspect it may be the engine mount. If it is the engine mount, is it expensive to have it fixed? My second question is the warning light for the Exterior Indicator Light comes on, but I could not find any indicator light that is out. How do I reset that warning light on the dash? My last question is what does it take to fix the odometer? It is not running any more and I would like to have it fixed if it is not a terrible lot of $$$ involved. Sorry for the long winded post.

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