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When you say the engine is "sticking" is this with the chain in place or not. If the chain is not in place then yes it is going to "stick" everytime the top of that piston hits that valve. If the chain is in place then the timing is not set right. Get a techs input but if you have been able to get the chain back in place you should be able to set the timing. If I were in this position I would try to get the marks lined up on the crank with the #1 at TDC and the cam mark lined up with the #1 to be in the TDC position. You should be able to tell when the camshaft is TDC on the #1 because both cam lobes will be in the "up" position. The will not be directly up but will be further away from the piston versus when the #1 piston is at TDC on the exhaust stroke. For what it is worth I have put a pic on here that shows what I do whenever I cut or mess around with a timing chain.

I would try moving a magnet around in the chain housing area to try to find the wire and remove it.
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