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Like Steve, I don't think I quite understand what you're asking.

Do you mean brake quiet (aka anti-squeal compound)? It wouldn't hurt to put a little bit of stuff on the backs of the pads to keep them from squealing or vibrating. I use Permatex brand Disc Brake Quiet, which comes in a spray can and is a bright blue color. It's easier to apply than the putty-type stuff that you have to spread around, and seems to work just as well. It takes a few minutes to dry after spraying it on.

Brake fluid, however, is a completely different thing. The brake fluid that comes in a bottle or can, usually marked "DOT4" or "DOT3" is NOT meant for use on brake pads or any other external parts. It's a hydraulic fluid that runs through the brake lines to the calipers. The ONLY place you add this stuff is into the plastic reservoir on top of the brake master cylinder inside the engine bay. On most cars this reservoir is at the top of the engine compartment, underneath the windshield, immediately in front of the driver's seat. The reservoir is probably marked with a "high" and "low" level like an engine oil dipstick.

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