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Talking Used W140 blower regulator on W210

Originally Posted by stevebfl
Although the Behr regulator pictured above comes with papers stating it fits 140 and 210 chassis, it only comes with the removable harness for 140. You WIL have to use the old harness. I cut the new 140 harness right behind the connector and cut the old regulator harness off at a similar point then solder together and heatshrink and looks like factory.
I fixed my 1998 E430 dead blower regulator this week by using a 140 blower regulator. It works like a champ! The new 140 blower regulators have a much larger heatsink than the old ones but they still fit on the 210 blower just fine. As Steve said you do have to splice in your old 210 wiring harness to make 3 of the W140 regulator wires long enough.

MUCH less expensive than buying a new blower AND regulator like Mercedes wants you to do!

I used this one:
Part# 140 821 84 51
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